Historic Farmsteads of Pittstown

We are proud to announce that thirteen of the historic farmsteads of Pittstown have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places!!

     The Pittstown Historical Society (PHS) first undertook an initiative in 2008 to document the historic farmsteads in Pittstown that still had multiple barns and outbuildings. The purpose was to research and preserve the agricultural heritage of the area’s farmsteads which are cultural resources that are quickly vanishing. They are essential components of the scenic and working agricultural landscape once commonplace in the northeast. They also enrich the experience of place for all of us.
     Pittstown was fortunate to have 26 historic farmsteads that were still intact, and the owners were generous enough to allow them to be documented. The in depth research and documentation of the farmsteads was funded by the Preservation League of NYS, the Hudson River Valley Greenway and the Pittstown Historical Society, with in-kind services provided by the Town of Pittstown and The Persistence Foundation.
     The grants provided to the PHS allowed us to contract with preservation consultant Jessie Ravage, who completed Cultural Resource Surveys of all of 26 farmsteads. Subsequently, nominations to the National Register of Historic Places for thirteen farmsteads were submitted as well as a Multiple Resource Documentation Form (an overview of Pittstown’s history that would accompany the nominations).
     Over a period of several years, all thirteen of the nominations to the National Register of Historic Places were accepted.

These nominations, containing extensive information on each of the farmsteads, can be viewed by clicking on the images below.

(NOTE: Some of these files are large and may take extra time to download)