About Us

The Pittstown Historical Society

The Pittstown Historical Society was founded in1975 to promote a better appreciation of our American heritage, in particular, the history of the Town of Pittstown.

The Pittstown Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, not-for-profit organization dedicated to collecting, documenting, and preserving local history. 

Board of Trustees

President, Connie Kheel
Vice-President, Kenneth Miller
Secretary, Joseph A. Ferrannini
Treasurer, Connie Kheel

  Trustee, Walter Auclair
  Trustee, Nancy Grilli
  Trustee, Tim Holt
  Trustee, Maren Stein
  Trustee, Paul Wiley

What We Do

Sponsor seven educational lectures annually which are open to the public. (See Meetings)

Publish two newsletters annually. (See Newsletters)

Mount two exhibits annually in the Pittstown town hall in Tomhannock. (Please visit our exhibits at 97 Tomhannock Road, Valley Falls).

Maintain a collection of historic items relating to Pittstown. The collection is housed in the Ellen L. Wiley Collection Room in the Pittstown town hall in Tomhannock. (Contact us to schedule an appointment to view the collection)

Maintain genealogical files and respond to inquiries. (Contact us with questions)

Independent research on a variety of topics relating to Pittstown’s history. (Reports on our research are included in our newsletters)

Maintain a website which includes our newsletters and other information relating to Pittstown’s history. (See Documents and Historic Farmsteads links)